Sunday, April 12, 2009


Nothing good comes from taking people hostage off ships carrying food relief to starving countries. Then again - one should probably ask 'why are so many Somalians suddenly looking to be pirates?'...It surely cant be an effort to stem global warming. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the tons of nuclear waste European nations have been dumping off the Somalian coast..."it cost European companies $2.50 per ton to dump the wastes on Somalia's beaches rather than $250 a ton to dispose of the wastes in Europe"... or the giant fishing trawlers that have swept through Somalia's coast and steal $300m worth of fish a year. Let's dump that toxic waste off the coast of Cape Cod, and let some mitsubishi corp drift net fishing vessels run rampant off the coast of Laguna and see what happens.

Don't get me wrong. Taking shots at people just trying to get by at sea wasnt acceptable behavior from Scylla - it surely isnt acceptable from thugs looking to live large off the misery of others three thousand years later. But there are usually underlying causes to things like this - and it's important you look beneath the simple fox news 'kill the pirates' blather to the 'why the hell are we talking about pirates' question...

This is one of those 'strong and rich preying on weak and poor' stories... perfect for easter. So the next time you read about those horrible pirates and how they're doing such awful things - be sure to remember to swallow that pill with a flagon of medical waste ye mateys... tis' a bitter grog but it be true.

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