Monday, April 20, 2009

Language = Attitude

So after spending 4 weeks 'thinking about' the release of the torture memos Obama went down to Langley today to give a peptalk. He said upholding U.S. values and ideals in the face of such an enemy is "what makes the United States special and what makes you special."

He's right. They're special. In the mean time McCain went on Fox this morning. described waterboarding as 'absolutely torture', and said it was a “serious mistake” for the Obama administration to release the torture memos. “The release of these memos helps no one, doesn’t help America’s image, does not help us address the issue.”

Believe it or not I totally agree... you DON'T RELEASE THE MEMOS if you're not going to DO anything about what they say. It's like saying 'I have video of the president molesting an 8 yr old boy, but hey - not on my watch so it's all good - wanna watch?...' Only BAD THINGS come from telling the world you torture people and it's ok because you thought about it and decided you probably wont be doing that anymore. McCain is absolutely right - for the wrong reasons - but absolutely right.

In the mean time I only have one thing to say to you Mr President.

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