Friday, April 24, 2009


What is it about torture that the far right loves so much.

They go on about how effective it is - even when the FBI interrogators made clear at the time and now after the fact that nothing positive was gleaned from these sorts of activities.

So how is it that the GOP has become the party of Torture? McCain is out there saying 'waterboarding is torture' - but idiots like Peggy Noonan have the temerity to suggest that the fact that we torture people is just something we should shield our fragile little eyes from...

So the point I want to make here is - if you'd asked me 10 years ago 'will a significant number of Republicans embrace a policy of torturing people in US custody' - I'd have laughed at you. Torture is evil and wrong and flies in the face of everything we stand for. We've prosecuted people - executed them - for doing these sorts of things.

So the question is - when does the Republican party embrace Slavery. It was popular in the south... It is endorsed in scripture... All they have to do is rename it 'Enhanced Personal Services Contractual Obligation'.

Sure - laugh it up - imagine this is hyperbole... but remember they're out there telling you Torture is GOOD with a straight face.

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