Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So I watched a video

of a former mayor/councilman in Ireland tearing into those responsible for the truth commission re what sounds like a systemic batch of pedophiles running their church... and then I read the story of a number of celebratory Rangers fans roving through Ulster looking for Catholics to beat to death - once again proving why the state has an obligation to get involved in sport and find some way to interfere where sectarianism goes to breed... and finally a story excerpted from the memoirs of French President Chirac explaining why we really went to war in Iraq - not because Saddam outlasted his pappy, but because Bush believed Gog and Magog were at work bringing about the end of days...

It's time for someone to gently explain to people that all their 'faith' is really screwing the planet up - and if they cant make it a positive then they need to put it away - in the same place as the tooth fairy and the cubs winning the pennant. I'm not the sort that goes out there telling people what they shouldn't believe - i dont care for that sort of aggressive 'believe what I believe' crap - but there's a point where the nutcases and their 'me waterboarding people is all part of god's plan' garbage needs an intervention.

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