Saturday, May 02, 2009

Time Warner Can Blow Me

This isnt a new story but it's one that I'm still upset over. So a rural community in NC talked to the local infrastructure providers and said 'hey, we need better broadband - you should provide it' - and they said no.

So the city went and built it's own.

Now Time Warner has the gall to say it 'CANT POSSIBLY COMPETE' with what the city has done. The reality is that a utility - like the sewer - is something that really is in the best interest of everyone if that infrastructure is laid once - and THEN competition is allowed. This is how they do broadband in France and it's both cheaper and 4x faster than what we have in the US.

Time Warner PEERS their network with all the other big players - so they dont even PAY for it - they just charge you and me a fee for something they get for free (and get billions of dollars in tax breaks to upgrade and maintain). Screw them.

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