Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Entertainment

I've been reading Bernard Cornwell's norse/danish series this summer on the recommendation of a friend i loaned the sharpe books to... it's fine but it feels a bit of a stretch. Not a lot else that's come out - most of the authors I read seem to be taking a break. In the mean time I've gotten beyond used to not having television in the house. If there's a show I want to watch i just watch it online - but almost nothing falls into that category. I havent gone to the movies - there have been a couple i'd consider going to see, but really nothing that's gotten me out of the house. The only summer anime I really like is Bakemonogatari (ep2)- which is really more of an animated comic book than anything (and as you know I've always had a thing for Tsunderes). (if you get attached dont blame me).

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