Wednesday, September 09, 2009

As if anyone cares

my take on obama's public option...

it's crap. it's too small, it will only be available to people who work at very small companies etc... the mandate to buy insurance or face a several hundred dollar fine (if you're single) has to be there (you cant to public option without the mandate)...

it's a center-right insurance industry ass kiss of a bill

and it's probably the best thing we can get in this country full of morons - so the progressive caucus should probably support it (at first glance). What we have to hope is that once it gets installed we'll be able to dramatically increase the size of it over time - until eventually it puts the scam that is insurance out of business.

IF it fails... honestly... i'm ok with that... which means the 'change' president has managed to take a political stance that takes one of the most important problems facing the country and slap a big MEH on it. That takes skill.

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