Sunday, December 27, 2009


ok... so the son of a nigerian banker (no really) gets on a plane in lagos, reconnects through amsterdam, and ends up with a condom full of extremely high explosives on a plane over detroit - where the only reason he fails to blow the thing all to hell is his improvised and poorly put together blasting cap.

This is an actual honest to god terrist - and apparently he's a moron.

So now - we have new rules covering the last hour of the flight. You aren't allowed to get out of your seat - so you cant go to the bathroom. You cant have anything in your lap (books, laptops). You cant have access to your carry-on luggage - nor open the overhead compartment.

So apparently - if you're a terrist - you cant blow up the plane in the first hour of the flight.

In the mean time - if that mother with the 6 month old needs to change a diaper right after takeoff on the shuttle from NY to DC... you're going to be treated to 45 minutes of screaming infant, topped off with the fine smell of babyfood diarrhea. For those of you who fly a lot - I really really hope you have alternatives.

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fearlessvk said...

and you think i'm crazy for preferring to drive 10 hours to austin....