Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Rebuttal

So Josh over at TPM posts a classic 'my intent is not to mock' editorial - where of course he mocks those who are upset by the situation in Washington.

What people keep forgetting with regards to those who choose the democatic or republican party - is a very fundamental difference in mindset. Those who trend conservative and republican place loyalty above everything - truth, justice, fairness... those who trend left of center are far more willing to abandon following those that do not live up to their vision of their ideals. Those left of center are harder on themselves, and harder on others when it comes to who they will willingly support. What this means is that a smaller number of very loyal jerks have significantly more power in the country than the 'big tent' full of fractious infighting lefties. The progressives learned this lesson - hard - over the years... and so they put up with a lot of things they dont agree with - simply to try to keep those jerks out of power - because otherwise we get W.

BUT - when there's finally a sense of 'ok - we have taken all 3 seats of power' - we're safe... and instead we get the Stupak amendment? FOIA protections for torture photos? An expanding war... a pro-landmine president... giant shovelfuls of cash to connected wall st bankers through the giant money-changer that is AIG... is there really a difference?

There is a point where a lefty's sense of loyalty - limited and tenuous as it is - becomes challenged... where they begin to question whether the perceived illusion of democracy is in fact an illusion - and corruption and corporate greed are simply going to run the country no matter who is in power. A point where we begin to believe we've been taken for a ride. We look up and wonder whether we should vote for Kang or Kodos... and Josh's response in this editorial, in classic simpson's form, is essentially 'what are you going to do? throw your vote away?'

If you're going to mock them - i think mocking them for being hopeful to begin with is more appropriate than threatening them with the 'it could be worse' line. If your husband punches you in the face every night - and escalates to using a baseball bat - you dont wait to leave until he goes into the garage for the chainsaw. Screw the democratic party... and screw you Josh for playing the cheerleader card.

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