Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I was reading one today

from boingboing about how the govt is buying commercial database data on people to get around some of the rules related to domestic tracking of citizens - and i laughed. They've been doing this for years - hell - there are entities in the govt that went out of their way to create private firms to track data like this with the only idealized customer being the US Govt... lol - go check out Acxiom. The reality is that with the email reading/archiving crap out there, and the stuff idiots post into their facebook accts and to twitter - of course they're going to use it.

1) get you name off your blog
2) get your friends off your facebook/twitter acct
3) if you insist on having your name - dont post anything work/politics related
4) pictures of yourself? no... bad idea...

Let's put it this way. The internet is a serial murderer... only put information there that you dont mind that guy having.

Edit: actually... considering how the internet works... getting your name off these things isnt going to help. Delete them. Start over. Make new accounts with fake names and totally different email addresses... once you've created the join to that old data you need to get away from it.

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