Monday, February 15, 2010

i find it amusing

that we see what Greece has done and bitch
esp when it was wall st that helped em do it
and we complain that their deficit to gdp is too high... when the US isnt really much better.
Of course - you are SUPPOSED to push a deficit during a down market (as per our rapping buddy maynard) - and cutting spending now would tend to be somewhat problematic for a very anemic recovery...

yes - their cash economy is problematic - the same way paying cash at the salt lick is problematic... but it's not like other european entities arent guilty of electronic subterfuge to mask revenue - and though there is some - i'm not seeing nearly as much moral outrage when it comes to focusing on their own wealthy tax dodgers...

then again - who needs moral outrage when you can just pay to elect people who alter the tax laws you dont like

at least i've got chicken

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