Monday, April 19, 2010

Nanny Continent

So BA is complaining about how airspace has been closed all over europe because of the volcanic ash...
You'd think they'd understand the problem but i guess not... they're just executives.
I'm sure there are a million americans just as upset over the prospect of the government telling them when they can and cant fly a 600,000 lb box of aluminum and titanium through clouds of debris. What we need is a NYTimes article on 'why it's not safe to fly' so they can cement their belief that it's all lies, a freeper article to stoke the flames of anti-factualism, and an airline made for failing. Hey - those goldman boys made a couple billion - we could even collateralize the debt with companies that want to build Hindenburg II and Titanic Reborn, then buy insurance against it failing at 100x the actual debt - who cares if the insurer isnt solvent to begin with - the feds will pick up the tab!!!11!1 Everybody wins!!!

in the mean time - goldman payed out 5b in bonuses last quarter - half of it to those in the group responsible for the SEC suit... happy monday.

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