Tuesday, July 06, 2010


you hear a lot of people who've been saying 'it takes a lot of time to change things' when they defend the current administrations policies - but time and again the administration has had courts give them an opportunity to deviate from the path W put the nation upon, and failed to do so.

This oil spill, it turns out, is yet another one.

Given the nature and the details of this article - i think it's simply another case of 'business as usual' - perhaps with the sense that if something did go wrong the administration would be able to claim cover for their actions by the proximity to the prior administration. I think Rahm has a sense of realpolitik in how he's trying to handle the left, the economic collapse, global environmental issues, and the political landscape - and i think every decision they make is tempered by the question 'what does it get me?' - as opposed to 'what's the right thing to do'.

That's not what the progressives thought they were voting for. In fact, it was the sense of that same behavior in Clinton that turned us off to her in the primaries and drove us into the arms of Obama. I dont think Clinton would have been any better - so I dont regret that... but the sad truth is that the democratic party, through it's deeds rather than it's words, stands in lock step with the previous administration on a vast majority of issues.

To describe the degree of my sense of disappointment is difficult.

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