Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I should make a FFFFUUUU comic of this...

but i'll use my words instead.

Tonight, Christine O'donnell won the republican nomination for Joe Biden's senate seat. This is a teaparty candidate, backed by Nutbag in Chief Palin, who has stated that masturbation is on par with adultery. I wont try to get into the rest of her platform - economics? social issues? what possible logical common ground could she share with me given her stance on masturbation.

What does it mean when someone like her can win - against the republican machine? Well, we've seen some of it with McCains campaign for his senate seat. All those moderate stances on things like the border or immigration or the economy? out the window... he had to move waaaaaay off to the right to fend off the nutters.

So not only do the pubs move right, but sometimes they still lose.

This encourages them to go way over the deep end to the right - they cant really go wrong politically with this behavior, since they can label anyone opposing them a hitler-loving communist... *cue Beck's tears*...
Seriously - every election cycle is one where the pubs move substantially right, and the dems are dragged 3/4 of the same distance the same direction.

The democratic party, as it stands today as embodied by our current president dick, is further right than the policies of GHW Bush. You expect me to vote for that? Why. Why should I. Sure - the Death Party loves it... but they love the Booze for Coats homeless program. This is a president that wanted to allow Whale harvesting. Imagine G HW Bush trying to float that one for a moment...

So whereas some look up and see the pubs being self-destructive by electing people who're deranged... i see it as more of a national problem.

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