Thursday, March 15, 2007

So... here's my take on the firing of the US attorneys - and it probably doesnt surprise any of you that I have a bit of a different take on this than most. See... everyone is focusing on the fired... the firing... the 'why'... people are doing the whole 'who knew what when' angle to death.

I have a different question.

8 US attorneys were fired because, after being pressured to play ball with the administration - pursue purely political indictments - create MSM stories of 'corrupt democrats' to offset all the the horrific Duke Cunningham and Tom Delay and that Gay Pedophile Republican Congressman (god i love putting those 4 words together) - that there were 8 attorneys who just wouldnt play ball... 8 of them.

And they didnt fire the other 85.


Why not fire the other 85?

What... exactly... did they do that merited, in the eyes of this remarkably corrupt administration, a pass? How did those 85 justice department officials comport themselves so as to KEEP their jobs... THAT is what we should be looking at. Not at the firings. The firings are the easy story.

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