Monday, April 09, 2007


So I post a lot of crap here... silly pictures... annoyed comments about political things, or life things... silly stories and links that really dont mean much.

Read this.

Dont come back till you're done... It'll take you 10 minutes...


Brilliant... I'm so tired. Work has added another role into my world - business development - which will eat me up for a short period while we find a heavy to fill the role - but all this work is finally beginning to etch me. I'm actually going to hurt myself with this job if it doesnt change soon - and i know it. But this is the job - and it has to be done... and even then... even with so much of my attention focused on so many front burners... I would stop for this. I would stop... miss meetings... probably miss planes.... and i have no idea who the artist is professionally. Thing is - even though i play this work game so very very hard - and take it all so very very seriously - it's still JUST a game - and I'm still me.

That's why I know I can keep doing this... for just a while longer...

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