Wednesday, April 11, 2007

An update on life...

Things are pretty crazy. There are some folks missing from work - key folks - and it means I am finding myself having to put more and more of myself and my time into pulling things together. I have 4 jobs now. We're hiring people to fill those roles - but there's no time - so I'm just not sleeping instead. Still it's all very doable - doable in a very big and positive way - but hard in the face of these obstacles. I'm off to China, again, next week... but that's ok. I like China - and for some reason I get the sense it's where I need to be for some reason. I'm not mystical or anything like that... but there are moments when I can just sense something large out there... like having my own musical score. I dont know what... people... events... maybe its just the sense of having to be there to keep work stuff pointed the right direction... but it feels more foundational than that.

I'm still upset I didnt get to see Japan night at SXSW this year - but Mel got me a sampler CD and i've gotten to love it. The SKA band Oreskoband is acutally pretty good - remind me of a tight Retarded Elf (only in japanese schoolgirl outfits - which makes them much better)... and of course my favorite GoGo7188 which i'm remarkably upset about missing - though i suggest you check the difference in sound when the band has a real stage - if this is any indication then SXSW has totally jumped the shark. Come on Austin - we can do better than this... Still - I suppose Mel and Jake are right to be afraid of Japanese bands. Kawaii is not a good word for much of it.

I have noticed I havent gained the weight back I'd lost going to China the first time... and I dont feel particularly healthy right now... but again, that's probably just the stress. I'm trying to eat - more than I was eating - and I'll try to take advantage of the gym at the Sheraton when I'm there - but dont bet the farm. I'm back down to 155 - and i'd really rather be in the 160 range. I just dont eat much when I'm stressed out. Speaking of the Sheraton - the hotels are still great - but the loyalty program blows goats. The CEO there got fired - and hopefully that sentiment trickles down to their line management - because they just flat out dont give a crap about the customer.

Back in Texas Saturday... out Tuesday to Beijing and maybe Shanghai... back in 2 weeks... then who knows. No point in being in China the first of May - holidays... so better off somewhere else where I can chase people and get some face time in somewhere where it counts. I dont like being the guy who drives these processes - but there are times when you have to reach down and pull. I really do tend to wingman situations - personally or professionally - but i'm a better leader than most i know when people are taking fire.

Speaking of taking fire... on the way home tonight i passed a man... a hairy overweight naked man... standing in his third story window... which was open... as he slapped his belly and called to the women passing by on the street announcing that they should 'come on up - it's free... well, you can pay me if you want... i wont refuse the money'. As I observed the unamused and annoyed looks on the women walking past I couldnt help but think 'another self-proclaimed marketing genius goes down in flames'.

First non-work moments I've had in a couple weeks - spent a couple hours sight reading music in guitar hero II - damn - it took me back. I used to have to do that long ago - and the brain drops into the exact same half second latency mode it was trained for in highschool. I think with a little practice on the buttons (and a strap for the damned guitar) I could probably pull 3 stars on unknown songs on hard pretty easily - which doesnt mean I'm any good... just means there's a latent trained behavior that applies.

Oh... and it's april 11th. My anniversary was Mar 31... and I didnt remember it in the very least until tonight. Not sure how I should feel - but I dont really feel anything about that. It was hearing 'who knew' by Pink... when i realized 'oh wait... what day is today?... lol'. Of course, my Quixote thing hasnt really gone anywhere since the end of the marriage - but I'm too busy to do anything about it. I'm actively trying to avoid damsels though... they're always trouble.

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fearlessvk said...

re: japanese bands. check this out and click on the new japan stuff. it is some of the weirdest shit EVER. guaranteed.

and of course there's always the boredoms and melt banana, to make your brain feel like it is being slowly ground to dust. (which seems like a strange reason to listen to music, thus making me wonder what's wrong with me)