Monday, July 16, 2007

how many times to i get to combine politics and work in a post?

So one of the lawyers for Antigua in the WTO dispute with the US was interviewed recently - and this is the result. If you didnt understand the situation before - it's a great primer.

Now - lets talk about what happens. "Antigua didn't bring this case so it can sell cheap Microsoft products or DVDs" is a great indicator. When the flag goes up on this - i expect a lot of 'certificate of authenticity' shops to go up in antigua. Redmond is going to suffer - badly - because its going to be SQL connector licenses that go out the door first. The film industry will be next - esp if Antigua begins offering 'legal' copies of movies on the internet that havent hit the theaters yet (yes - that will happen - quickly i might add).

So what's the Bush administration's best method for dealing with this? Bush doesnt have fast-track trade authorization anymore... that expired... so... i guess... this? This is going to be a massive political problem in about 4 months... really...

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