Thursday, July 19, 2007

I love the president.
I think what we're doing in Iraq is absolutely the right thing.
I really want to encourage him and all the people that support him.
Because, in the end, he's a great man... and so are all the wonderful people who agree with me.

so please don't take all my stuff.

(when does someone stop him from using the constitution to wipe his ass? - oh crap... did i say that out loud... kidding!!! i was kidding!!! really....)

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fearlessvk said...

i'm just curious...

does ANYBODY care that our president is a fucking dictator?

it's not even so much that he's shitting on the constitution that bothers me. i'm not really part of the 'constitution is sacrosanct' party anyway. it's the fact that the manner in which he shits on the constitution is ALWAYS and INEVITABLY to buttress his own power. when do we get to start using words like 'fascist' without getting laughed at??