Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Watched CSPAN all night....
Listened to Hillary drone (she just doesnt have the *fire*)
Listened to Norm Coleman (he just doesnt have a brain)
Listening to Kerry (wtf were the dems thinking with this dumbass)

why cant we have senators who can hammer this issue - it's not like it's a surprise... eloquence? rhetoric? nah... but nice ties and tailored suits.

ahh well... it's a democracy... you cant have everything.

Also saw that there's a rebuttal to william kristol's tripe from a couple days ago (the W will be seen as a great president spew). The 250 pages of responses had to rattle the WP's editorial board... since they were almost all better considered than Kristol's cheerleader routine. The problem, of course, is that Kristol could be right - and no one sees it...

my response:

There is only one thing Corn misses here... Bush is a symptom. The problem is the 27% of this country who still - in the face of such overwhelming evidence - 'feel in their gut' that Bush is doing a great job. We have a terrifying minority in this country - driven to the irrational - willing to put their own egos before reality or the interests of their families, friends, communities, or country. Kristol and Podhoretz are canaries - there is a poison in the Republic - and if left to fester, god help us, a future America could evolve that all but worships W. Afterall - which among you could have imagined the absurd state of our current political rights and freedoms 10 years ago?

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Jake said...

"to a liberal, having an abortion is the ultimate joyous expression of faith in the liberal ideal. "