Monday, October 22, 2007

Nice weekend. Dinner with friends saturday. In town to watch game 7 last night. Would have gone in to watch football with Jake sat but i slept in... Fairly uneventful... as usual. You know I must be crazy, to show this as my way of living (no cutting up the pieces though...)

Old company is going south, finally, in a somewhat catastrophic way (or so it seems). Not terribly surprised - i hate working with people who play the work game as an opportunity to make everyone else play the 'it's all about me' game. God but they make me sick.

Writers strike looks more likely... should ping cali... go visit since they'll be stopped. In the mean time - since all the TV is about to get even crappier than it already is... i suggest using something like this - there's some good stuff from england in there and it'll keep you busy. I wont bother suggesting cartoons... no one watches them but me ;)

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Jake said...

Heh. For some of us, a peaceful weekend is win. I can't be anything except what I am. I know where you're coming from though.