Tuesday, October 23, 2007

taking a cue from jake...

beady little eyes
looking for cheese in the dark
i move them outside

yes, my little neighbors have returned... the tip traps are down... very little evidence of them so far, but i figured they'd be headed this way once the temperature dropped. The electronic rodent repelling devices do nothing btw... i hear a second... but the smell of cheese is a harsh mistress - and soon he too will be somewhere down the hill enjoying the weather with his friends and the stoners.


fearlessvk said...

does this mean jake is writing poetry on his blog?

if so, someone needs to direct to his blog...pronto

robyncz said...

Ya know, your life out there in the country sounds almost idyllic--until you post something like this. Shudder. Nothing in this world makes me feel less "organic" than rodents. I'd have two options if I were in your place: poison or move.

GreatGoblin said...

jake currently resides over at karmadrome.livejournal.com - though he's been threatening to move

as for the mice - yes #2 has moved down the hill. i dont really know how they get in, and poison would just leave rotting mouse corpses. They're actually pretty cute - but so was my ex - and i'd rather not have either of them running around in my house