Monday, December 24, 2007

Here's to hoping everyone had a great Xmas.... and that everyone got everything they wanted (well, except for magic wands - i dont think it matters how much glitter you put in the reindeer oatmeal as a bribe, santa really cant go around handing those things out). Lot of people had tight belts this xmas - but remember that for some it's been tighter... hopefully everyone has a happy and healthy end and start to the new year - and for those struggling with frustrations of all kinds remember to enjoy your days no matter what they bring.

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robyncz said...

It shouldn't surprise you to learn that Santa didn't come through with the magic wand OR the 1/8 size bass fiddle, but nobody was disappointed here. Zoe thought the two-inch miniature bass was hilarious and that Santa has a good sense of humor.

I hope you had a peaceful day and that you enjoyed that steak.