Thursday, December 27, 2007

When the US kills someone it doesnt like, like David Kelly (found with a 'letter opener he used to do the deed - which had been wiped clean of fingerprints...) we tend to leave it open to the 'tinfoil hat' defense. Putin pulled that with Litvinenko using Polonium - they got sloppy in the sense that no one looks much under the surface in Russia - so they just didnt expect anyone to dispute their denial. Today I see Musharraf has tried to learn from his masters - only in this case i really think there'll be more blowback. It's easy to whine about a prominent suicide - witness Vince Foster - but an act like this is somewhat harder to excuse. If they cant protect one of the 2 biggest political leaders in their country from a man oozing nitrates and carrying a gun getting close enough to put 2 into her head - can they protect their nuclear stockpile?

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