Thursday, January 10, 2008

Robyn suggested this.... it's rather fun actually...

Lolcat Tao

1. WTF?

Where is Tao?
Anyone seen Tao?
U has? ORLY?

Do Not Want.
Ceiling cat sees you wanting
you see invisibl things
invisibl things mak u want
iz not gud

2. wait... like what?

U not know Tao
U not see Tao
Gud is not bad
does Lolrus know bukkit because Lolrus lacks?

u know Tao by wher Tao not seen
like invisible basketball
dont ned basketball
have or not basketball unimportant
Get a Brain - Morans

Mastah make basket without ball
and u know what he do

no matter what happn
mastah make smilz but not try
he not need cheezburger - but cheezburger hapn
and caturday moar happy
everyone lulz

3. No want moar

Want moar? get less.
hamster take moar corm - hamster become unhappy.
kitteh take all cheezburger - other kitteh want moar.
tell kitteh he not fat - he think about being fat
everyone lose

want less
then iz happier
think bout crap less
think bout not-crap moar

you think you know
mastah not know

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robyncz said...

Nice work!