Wednesday, January 09, 2008

So... along the lines of the 'boozeforcoats' campaign (which has been an absolute failure this year with the 70 degree weather) - i have a new 'grand scheme'

From Wikipedia:
Bethlem Royal Hospital became famous and infamous for the brutal ill-treatment meted out to the mentally ill. In 1675 Bedlam moved to new buildings in Moorfields designed by Robert Hooke, outside the City boundary. In the 18th century people used to go there to see the lunatics. For a penny one could peer into their cells, view the freaks of the "show of Bethlehem" and laugh at their antics, generally of a sexual nature or violent fights. Entry was free on the first Tuesday of the month. Visitors were permitted to bring long sticks with which to poke and enrage the inmates. In 1814, there were 96,000 such visits.
It's obvious from the hundreds of paps chasing Brit's ambulance down the street that we really arent terribly far from this sort of thing in today's world - so... i say we wire up a 'Big Brother' house - fill it full of mental patients - and OWN network television.

'SMS to 55555 to give James an electric shock'

I'd buy that for a dollar...

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Simon said...

it hasn't helped cspan's ratings...