Monday, June 30, 2008

Olé Olé Olé Olé ... Olé Olé

You waited for them to punt... for them to disappoint and somehow blow it. IMO - they were the best team in the tournament (Group D was obviously underrated when it came to the Group of Death - as both D teams beat their C opponents in the knockout). Oh sure, the Italy match had some buildup as the other 3 heavies had fallen - but they eeked out the win (and just as some others, Italy didnt play well enough this tournament to justify survival). After that - they were the best team against Russia by far - but all that just created the opportunity for another massive Spanish international letdown. A stable all-around German team barged and pushed its way into the finals playing the kind of football I hate and faced off with the Spanish - a team so renown for it's disappointments that Garret Southgate would be lost in the sea of miserable Spanish footballing souls... but yesterday they WANTED it. The beautiful ball control, the one touch passing, the side to side action breaking the german defense leading to a number of quality chances - this was the team that deserved to win.
37 degrees in the sun, surrounded by Spanish expats singing and screaming, drinking too much Guinness, this is the right way to burn a Sunday afternoon. The only disappointment to be had from this tournament is that it's over.


Karmadrome said...

I think you're a little harsh on the German style of play, which involved some seriously blitz-ish counterattacks and marvelous passing, but, that said, Spain deserved it.

GreatGoblin said...

i think asking Paulo Ferreira about the German style of play would illustrate my point (2-2 going to extra time is a very different animal for portugal). oh sure, Schweinsteiger can play - but any time thugs lose i'm happy.

i hope ballack gets hit buy a bus.