Monday, June 30, 2008

Sometimes you see a story in the Times and you just wonder at how stupid people must be. In this installment, Sergeant Bill shows up - claims he's a federal officer - and proceeds to lead the police on a long series of illegal search and seizures all across a rural Missouri town... for months... before anyone bothers to check to see if the guy is for real.

I'm sorry - but that's GOT to be criminal negligence. Those cops all need to be in jail. Then again - they arrested some 'bad guys' and helped change Gerald from the 'meth capital of the United States' (according to the mayor) to something lesser (a Meth Suburb perhaps).

I mean - what do you do when something has gone so unbelievably wrong (i suppose in some cases you make saffron honey ice cream) evade evade evade.

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