Sunday, July 06, 2008

i've been polishing off the last Charles Stross works - namely Glasshouse and Halting State over the last couple weeks. He's an author that keeps getting better. His ideas are still strong - his characters are getting cleaner and more nuanced - and his story telling is getting tighter. With most authors you pick up a book and you know you're going to get something a lot like what you got last time... Stross is breaking that rule. I started reading Stross when i pulled one of his older ebooks off a torrent - loved it - bought the hard copy - and have bought all the rest (take that you anti-filesharing nazis).

Halting State was a really intriguing story - but then i suppose if you write a book merging the worlds of corrupt high-finance, government spying, online banking, and World of Warcraft I suppose it's natural to find me intrigued - somewhere in there rooting around like a pig in shit.

Thanks Charlie - you've been making my brain work - and there are far too few of those out there. Saturn's Children is next - i'll pick it up when next in town.

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