Monday, August 25, 2008

One giant absurd public circus has ended in Beijing - with a 2 hour almost comically over the top extravaganza... only to be replaced by another in Denver.

Yes - that's right - get out your blockbuster card and turn off the news because all you're going to hear the next 4 days is platitudes and lies (dont get me wrong, Sept 1-4 will be worse). What makes this absurd is 'who the hell is undecided at this point' - i mean really. If you're going to vote for Obama, does the fact that Joe Biden wants to spend a billion dollars going after P2P filesharing networks really change your mind? I mean - Obama pretty much has to pull a Sheriff Bart and McCain has to be caught banging Paris Hilton to change any minds on this one at this point.

I'm not saying that a week's delay of America's Biggest Loser is really a travesty... I'm just saying that listening to these horrible people spout off for hours on how much better they are than that other group of horrible people is something I can do without.

I was pretty disappointed by the DNC opening ceremony... no torch lighting, the only acrobatics coming from the DNC folks attending the AT&T party, and there's no tower of hairy granola chicks in the middle of the convention center floor singing kumbayah. I know the Chinese really set the bar pretty high for these circuses - but not to try? sad...

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Karmadrome said...

Nice to see that the owners of the party chose to spring for a gala.