Sunday, August 24, 2008

So around the time Bill Clinton took office, a navy veteran decided that he needed some supplies. He appropriated some material from work - put it into a padlocked suitcase - where it sat for 15 years waiting for, well, something... some trigger that only he was aware of.

The rusted, padlocked suitcase sat alongside a porcelain coffee service set, decorative enamel-finished eggs and a vintage gas-powered model of the 1965 Chaparral II race car prototype. Auctioneers got the suitcase open just before the sale on Saturday and found three blocks of military-grade C-4 plastic explosive, two tubes of a similar plastic explosive, a blasting cap and some dynamite.

Now... he was ex-navy, so i'm sure law enforcement will just gloss over it... point out that the man is dead so what's the point of worrying about it...

Which leaves me with just one question... how would we be reacting right now if his name had been Mohammed... and should we start questioning all ex-navy people to find out if they also have suitcases of explosives under their beds (in any of their 8 houses).

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