Friday, August 22, 2008

So CNN ran a huge front page story on the Chinese Gymnasts and whether they're underage. This is bullshit. To call a spade a spade - it's racism - nothing more. So there's some website somewhere with different information on it - well - this is a website - and according to it the IRS owes me $100,000,000 by next thursday. I'll take it in Euros please, since the dollar really is a hunk of shit.

Do you see the US out there complaining about the Japanese girls who're just as small? or the Koreans? The reality is that asian girls are SMALL compared to american girls - and not just in the frame sense - i only remember seeing ONE overweight person in china while i was there. The IOC went through a thorough vetting process before the games... and in the end Americans are just being very very very poor losers in this whole scenario. If I were the parent of one of these kids i'd be irate.

Look at how the freepers reacted to that son of an illegal immigrant who won gold in wrestling(he was small too btw) - it was very 'you dont belong here' and 'why isnt he waving a mexican flag instead'. It wasn't about the accomplishment of an individual to be the best in the world at his sport, a person who came to and loved his adopted homeland - no - it was 'he's not white - he should go home'

The reality, as CNN knows - which is why they run a story like this on the front page and why NBC keeps harping on it - is that there are a LOT of white Americans who are racists. Not a few. A LOT. A WHOLE LOT. A lot more than anyone wants you to believe. They may hide it when given cover - but the truth is still there under the surface. This - more than anything else - is why Obama is going to lose. If he isnt up by 10 or 15 pts on election day then it's over.

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