Friday, September 05, 2008

I watched all 4.
Biden made me angry when he went off fearmongering.
Obama said the right things but seemed caught up in his own crowd.
Palin was a bitch - but there are a lot who'll love her for it.
McCain was steady and dull - exactly what most people want in a president.

The real issue here is that half this country doesnt make these decisions based on 'who's the better leader for the country' - or 'who's the most qualified'... i see folks on DU or TPM or KOS making logical arguments as if these people can be reasoned with. They cannot. When Jon Stewart ripped Rove a new asshole with the Keane/Palin comment conflict - the reality is that they dont make these decisions based on logic. Look - i'm very very very familiar with this sort of thinking - they make the decisions based on emotion and let that dictate what logic they feel they want to apply. It's a broken way to view the world... clinically... but it is what it is - and it leads to absolutely crazed policy agendas like 'we're going to go up against a Russia bent on imperial expansion' like we saw from McCain last night.

No matter who wins there's a real problem in this country in that half the people are bugfuck crazy. They may not elect Ann Coulter this year, but they'll be back in 4 to try again.

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