Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jeebus Plated my Hot Rod

So one of the big stories here in Austin yesterday was Gov. Perry going rather overboard in his support of a House Bill to allow 'choose life' vehicle plates. He's getting ready to drop trow on Kay Bailey in 2010 - meaning we're going to end up with a battle to see which of the two can be the biggest asshole. Nice first salvo there, godboy... "If there's been a more pro-life governor in Texas history, I'd be hard-pressed to name who that was."

I swear - watching the US economy go to shit is going to be a lot more fun when it means seeing all these 'global warming doesnt exist' and 'pa there's a revenue man on the porch - can i shoot him?' jackasses face the music of working debt-peon wages for their corporate multinational overlords. Choose life my left nut. If these dickheads gave a damn about life they'd make sure the mothers had prenatal care and a living wage.

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