Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some days I swear we deserve this...

I turn the morning show news on in the morning just in case there's something going on i might want to be aware of before my coffee kicks in... stuff like 'with fed funds rate targeted at 0 the dollar has essentially been devalued' - but no. We dont talk about things like 'Why doesn't Bank of America just borrow a gadjillion dollars from the fed at 0, never have to go back to them to secure leverage capital ever again (eliminating the fed's ability to manage economic growth) and thus create it's own money supply' or 'the dollar took a 3 point hit yesterday in a record fall that could well signal the beginning of a massive currency devaluation'


Instead I get 4 minutes on 'is headbanging good for your health'

Really? Really?!
Madoff turns 50b into smoke and you want to go with "They then worked up a biomechanical analysis, culminating in a 'theoretical headbanging model.'"

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