Thursday, March 19, 2009

SXSW again

it's that time of year... when the asshole movie people leave the starbucks to be replaced by asshole A&R guys - but then, at least we get the music. I love downtown - but when it's filled with musicians from all over the world - sitting around watching each other play - grabbing a burger together in a distant city or sharing a conversation in over an upscale piano - sxsw is great people watching fun for the rest of us.

That said - it's really all about the music. I really wanted to go see Glasvegas today - i love the jesus and mary chain sound... and jake was rather enamored of one of the other bands in that set (And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead). But alas - it was in conflict with my single big 'must see' - Detroit 7 in the free set at the creekside (a total hole in the wall, but at least it's not in a tent).

Last year they stole the japan set - and if anything their energy is more pronounced now(and damn if Miyoko Yamaguchi isn't the best damned drummer i've seen in a long time). I LOVE seeing them in this sort of environment - it's just fun for them and you can tell they're loving it (as was FLiP - who's members were standing on tables and as into seeing them cut loose as anyone in the venue). I liked FLiP, and i think the Sum41-esque pop-punk sound of SpecialThanks was much better than you expect a band that sounds that produced to be (ie - they're actually pretty damned good) - but the surprise of the show for me was Bo Peep, another 3 piece punk band with a lot of GoGo7188 in em. I've had GoGo on heavy rotation in my car for a year - and though i have no idea what i'm singing i'm perfectly capable of singing along with most of it (terribly i might add). I think i'll drag my ass into town again tomorrow - i think they're playing a show at the Whole Foods lol.

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robyncz said...

Whole Foods? This afternoon? If so, that's the Girls Rock Camp fundraiser. Zoe's new bass teacher is playing, so we're going to try to make it out.