Saturday, March 21, 2009

SXSW day 3

Ran into town yesterday to show off Bo-Peep to Robyn's brood - always good when a japanese power trio can so impress the 6 yr olds they insist on having their shirts prized girls rock camp shirts signed by the artist (edit: Robyn's progeny are 7 and 9... apologies). Many CDs were purchased. (I had a feeling Kaori Takebayashi would be a hit with the girls - and man was i right.) Intense energy (even in the blazing sun with the crap acoustics of playing on a roof) these guys came to play and brought no fear. As with Detroit 7 last year - I walked away with a couple cds to support the act. (of course, the blue skies, 80 degrees, whole foods bbq and amy's ice cream didnt make the day any less enjoyable)

Today Jake and I went down to the Guitar show in the convention center. Apparently I'm a fender person (whereas Jake is a Gibson person). I dont know if that's a bad thing or not... but seeing as i have no ability with the guitar whatsoever I dont see that it really matters much. Wandered off... tried to get in to see Airborn Toxic Event but the line was 2 hours long and that wasnt going to happen - so we went early to see Peelander Z. Jake had caught them last year and said they were a must see - and he wasn't kidding. Dressed in power ranger costumes... the bass player climbing the rafters, hooking his legs around the supports, and playing along with the song while suspended upside down... human bowling in mid set... 300 people screaming 'medium rare' every time the question 'how do you want your steak' was screamed into the mic... these guys were FUN. When you wander and peoplewatch you see all sorts of bands in their 'poser' gear - all ready to be the next big thing... and then Peelander is there being all 'mad tiger' and taking it all so much less seriously and thus actually being ENTERTAINING. Some would absolutely hate a band like this because they're absolutely NON pretentious but they are FUN and their stage presence took a jam packed Mohawk and turned it into a rocking and jumping party (attracting a line that went 400 people down the block by the time we left).

Finished the day with food at Mekong and some wandering about.

I'll probably get a wristband next year - not really because there are so many acts i want to see - but honestly I want to support shows like this in austin.


robyncz said...

Ahem. Seven and nine year olds!!!! (This stuff counts when you're under 20!)

Thanks for hanging with us. We had fun.

robyncz said...

And do you guys have to keep calling them my "brood"? It makes it sound like I have 14 kids!