Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Government in Action

So they cut the funding out of closing gitmo - so i guess the whole 'we dont torture' comes with the small print of 'unless it would cost us money to stop'... i suppose they could loan the money to the banks at 0% and then borrow back - maybe at an introductory 6.99% interest rate that the banks, in one of those classic 'make a huge stink that this is so awful for banks because that way people will be mollified and leave us alone' maneuvers will, as per new law passed by the senate today, have to give 45 days notice before they change to 30%. Big freakin deal. In the mean time my bank is still sending me 'cash these 3% APR checks for as much as you want' (with tiny print on the back saying they'll charge me a 4% fee for the entire amount the second I cash one). Honestly - the only provision in the banking bill that will have any impact at all is the amendment that allows you to carry concealed weapons into national parks.

I swear... it's like Elisabeth Hasselbeck is running the country.

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