Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Musings on Coakley

For the dems to say they didnt pull out all the stops in trying to win Kennedy's senate seat is absurd - but that's what the whitehouse is busy trying to sell as they turtle and cover their ears. The lesson the tea party crowd will take from this is 'we're right - people hate this health bill'... the lesson the dems will take is they need to compromise more with big business (this from the voters in John Kerry and Ted Kennedy's state...).

What dems should take is 'when we act like republicans, it turns out the democratic voters dont vote for us' - but they wont... if they voted the way progressives wanted them to vote they wouldnt be in this mess.

Now you have Franken saying 'we're going to just pass a health care bill regardless'... well - ok - but if you're going to just pass a 51 vote bill, why not scrap the shit bill you have and toss one out there that only gets 51 votes... single payer... tax the rich... go nuts.

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