Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Personal Rant

Dont do this much...
i find i'm going through an OCD phase the last couple days... it's a little weird finding myself wandering around the house moving books and cleaning shelves and organizing. Perhaps a function of having had the rents here for 2 weeks - but I think perhaps the whole Yuki thing has emerged from the 'fun to think about' to 'ok... i really like this girl and this is getting serious' and that's beginning to have an impact. I've got a mess on my hands again it seems... i was getting used to living out here in the forest - but I dont see how i could pursue something with a girl 8000 miles away and stay here. I'm good with turmoil - but man what a mess... work needs to sort itself out soon - so i can figure out how to play these cards.

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