Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beyond Stupid

From PRI

"... you got these huge 40,000lb fuel trucks rollin' down the road - those are very very enticing targets to our enemies. At least a thousand Americans have been killed moving fuel. In essence what we're doing is we're air conditioning the desert over there. In Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places - DoD will spend about $20 billion annually to air condition tents and temporary structures in Iraq and Afghanistan."

If you combine all the money the govt s putting into Solar/Nuclear/"Clean Coal"/Carbon Sequestration/Renewables etc - you wouldnt get $10b
Obama's big loud edumacation plan is Race to the Top - that's a paltry $1.35b by comparison. Hell - we only spent $18.7b on NASA.

The current "market value" of the NFL is $30.6b... So it would be cheaper to BUY THE NFC and give it to the soldiers who are stuck in the tents than it would be to air condition them (not to mention the whole 'now you dont have to drive that fuel truck over any IEDs this week). How do you think the soldiers would react to the whole 'hey, you dont get any air conditioning, but you own the Detroit Lions'....


ok, yeah, maybe they'd rather have air conditioning.

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